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Technologies and Costs

We are pleased to provide web solutions from a few simple static pages to a complete portal based site. For content management, we feature DotNetNuke. We use Wordpress and PHPBB to provide solutions for blogs and forums. Our server or yours, our goal is to provide you with a final product having the quality (and cost) that will satisfy you.  For example, just a few hundred dollars will get your site registered and set up with a couple of pages. We've seen other companies charge a thousand dollars or more for similar services. Now, check out our results .......


Knights of Columbus - Council 12886

This Knights of Columbus Council needed a website to function as both a homepage for the general public, and also house a number of pages visibile only to their membership.  A DotNetNuke portal was the solution we employed for them.  Behind the landing page, is a series of pages accessible via an id and password.  Those pages include a blog, event scheduling calendar, forums, newsletter, downloads and more.  We designed the site based on their requirements and help to maintain the content.  Being a DNN portal, they are able to self maintain all aspects of the site, which we host for them.

Winding Brook Manor Homeowners Association

The WBM Homeowners Association needed to find a solution to saving money and time delivering neighborhood updates, welcome packet information and broadcast bulletins.  They wanted a site where they could post news, ideas, recommendations and helpful tips.  We used a Wordpress solution to meet their needs.  Their site has a quick-to-post blog based layout with links for other community sites and useful downloads.  Besides designing their site, we also maintain it for them and host it.

Garden Gate Enterprises

Garden Gate Enterprises is a Bethlehem Pennsylvania manufacturer of quality bird houses, feeders, bat houses and butterfly houses.  They needed someone to update their site with their latest online catalog listing.  When we were selected for the assignment, we also found that their site needed a design update to improve page flow.  After detailing the proposal, we were also given the go-ahead to implement the recommendations.  We maintain all aspects of the site for them. 

Brookside Deli

A premium delicatessen, located in Lower Macungie, that has a great menu, food options for entertaining, a convenience store, and an ajoining service station.  The one thing they were missing was a website so that new and existing customers could easily find their menu selections and specials as well as the deli itself. Their website is build in standards compliant html and css. The color scheme was pulled from their existing logo and printed materials, and the brick page background compliments the real brick on their store front. They maintain their specials pdf file and upload it as needed without further assistance. We use FancyBox to expand photos when clicked, embedded Google maps for directions and CAPTCHA on the feedback form to help reduce spam. The site runs on our hosted server.

TLC Lawncare

TLC Lawncare has been servicing the Emmaus, Lower Macungie and Macungie areas of Pennsylvania and needed to create a web presence so that they could continue to be competitive in these markets and expand to new ones. We designed a proof-of-concept that presented their 3 main service offerings on a single page in order to immediately engage the consumer. From layout, to advertising copy, we were spot on in satisfying their needs. The site runs on our hosted server.

Philadelphia Wine Hobbyists

This small group of wine lovers, located just outside Philadelphia had hosted their site on one of those 'freebie' sites.  However, they were unhappy with some of the design and maintenance restrictions as well as the advertising that the host imposed (free isn't always good).  We ported their content over to our hosting environment as a DotNetNuke portal.  They use many of the same features as the Knights of Columbus Council and Winding Brook Manor sites.  With ease, they maintain all aspects of their own site.  However, we are just a click away to assist them.

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